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I have found that life is full of rabbit holes; sometimes you are shoved into them headfirst, and other times you choose to jump in on your own.  Your outcome with these rabbit holes largely depends on how you choose to view your experience.


Be it by having twins, one of my sons being born 10 weeks premature, or recently finding myself in the role of being a single mom, I have been tossed into quite a few.  But no matter how hard things seemed, I realized my outlook on my situation could turn any ordeal into an adventure.

Hello, My name is Kirstin.  I live in Illinois with my four amazing kids. I have always tried to encourage their creativity & individuality, and it is this attitude in them that has led me to pursue starting my own business. (My newest rabbit hole.)


I love the idea of using art and decoration to express one's personality, and it was this love that helped me decide to create gifts & decorative home accents, both classic and quirky. The idea that something I make could inspire someone when they may really need it, or just bring out a smile on a hard day, is something that hits really close to my heart. 


What has started as a way to support myself and my children is quickly growing from a rabbit hole of necessity to a rabbit hole of choice and I truly thank you for stopping by.

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